Pre-engineered Truss Conveyors

Pre-engineered truss conveyors

Transco Northwest can fabricate Custom Truss Frame Transfer Conveyors that are available in various widths and lengths depending on your application.
Partner with Transco Northwest to design and fabricate your next conveyor project.

Head terminal includes a WEG TEFC electric motor, Dodge shaft mount speed reducer with internal backstop, V-belt drive and OSHA drive guard,
Dodge rubber lagged head pulley mounted on 1045TGP shafting with Dodge pillow block bearings, head pulley nip guards.

Tail terminal includes a Dodge self-cleaning tail pulley mounted on a 1045TGP shafting with a Dodge pillow block bearings, screw take-up assemblies,
and OSHA approved tail terminal guard. Rock box receiving hopper is bolted to the tail terminal complete with skirtboards and rubber flashing.

Conveyor belting is assembled with a 3/16” top rubber cover and a 1/16” bottom rubber cover, and a Flexco mechanical belt splice.
Conveyor troughing includes CEMA “C” idlers 35 degree deep with 5″ diameter rolls mounted on 4½ centers, CEMA “C” troughing idlers at 20 degree deep with
5″ diameter rolls mounted on close centers at the load point and one at the head pulley, CEMA “C” return idlers with 5″ diameter rolls mounted on 10’ centers.

Metal surfaces are shipped with one rust inhibitor prime coat and one finish coat of gray paint for all equipment, and one finish coat safety yellow paint for all guarding.

Options include support legs, belt scraper, hood covers, safety stop switches with pull cords, discharge hood, walkways, return idlers guards,
belt scale, electric motor controls, gravity take-up assembly, enlarged receiving hoppers, liners, zero speed switch.

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